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When you click on "Check Out" at shopping cart page, you will be directed to fill in several forms namely "Customer Information" > "Shipping method" > "Payment method" as shown by the breadcrumb navigation.

At "Customer Information" form:

  1. Fill up the form "Shipping address" - Denotes final destination of your parcel.
  2. If "Billing address" is the same, just click on "Same with shipping address".
  3. You will also noticed your selected items in your cart being tallied out on the right column.
  4. You may add in remarks by filling in "Add a remark" textbox. This is optional.
  5. Click on "Continue" and proceed to "Shipping method"

At "Shipping method" form:

  1. Select preferred shipping method from the list.
  2. Click "Continue" and the amount incurred for the shipping will be included into your bill

At "Payment method" form:

  1. Double check your billing and shipping address.
  2. Select your "Payment method", by clicking either on "Bank Transfer" or "Credit Card and Online Banking"
  3. Click on "Place Order Now"
  4. Depending on your "Payment method", different screens will be displayed.

You may refer to our FAQ for further questions or contact us.