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About Us

We started Hash Trading e-commerce as a "pet-project" in October 2013. It is a sole proprietor business based in Klang Valley focused on trading a variety of products and services from our "trusted" partners. 

E-commerce platform today have too many sellers. It a haystack. Sometimes, you don't know if the seller is genuine or a "con-job". To locate that needle, you spend endless hours looking for "deals" then follow "trusted" sellers, only to be "conned" later. We've all been there.

Therefore, we've decided to direct some of our customers, directly to our e-commerce portal. You know who you are dealing with. You know us. We know you. There is a "personal touch". Not just a "avatar or a call sign". If you are a new client / customer, you can reach us and nice to meet you. If we are late to respond, our apology ... do give us time as we are not doing this full-time but we try our best. With your support, we hope to be able to park the necessary resources to service you better.

We would like to thank you for your support and encouragement.