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Comodo Internet Security Pro - 1 User 1 Year

RM 25.00


Comodo Internet security is a branch of computer security that involves various security measures taken for ensuring browser security, network security, security of other applications and operating systems. Since most of the cyber- attacks and malware programs originate from the internet, the primary goal of Internet security is to offer rules and regulations against cyber- attacks that arise from the Internet.


  1. Zero Trust, On Demand Scan, On Access Scan, Boot Time Scans, 
  2. Heuristics, Cloud AV, Fierwall, IDS, IPS, Sandbox, Email Security,
  3. Antispam, Web Protection, Liveupdate, Macro Protection, 
  4. Support Online, Anti-rootkit, anti-spyware, bot protection, anti-malware
  5. Download installer online:


  1. ONE (1) Scratch card (about the size of your credit card)