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Job Hunting Consultation (30 Minutes)

RM 80.00

In view of the current challenging job market, we are here to provide professional services and guidance to all job seekers. 

Who Are We:

We are a group of freelance professional recruiters, having served in recruitment industry for more than 10 years. Our forte covers various industries, with main focus in IT, business services, HR/Admin, Sales/Marketing etc. Our clients ranging from multinational company to SMEs clients.  

Who Will Benefit:

Eager and desperate job seekers who needs a job.  

What Do You Get: 

Job Hunting Consultation Session. 30 minutes session. One to one. 

Before the Session:

Upon successful payment, we will get in touch with you (within 2 working days) to gather necessary information. It is advised to be as truthful as possible to ensure no surprises during your "actual" interview. Kindly message your contact number to us and we will schedule an appropriate time for consultation session. The consultation session will be conducted via video call. 

After the Session:

You will gain useful job hunting tips, where to apply, how to apply, resume and cover letter advice, DOs and DON'Ts, etc. Most importantly, it is a ONE to ONE session, specifically tailored to your need. A definite boost of CONFIDENCE in job hunting mission. 

We will include you in our job seeker database, with free advice and consultation awaits you!